Modern Microchipping by Specialists in Beckenham, Kent

Microchipping pets is now a legal requirement. It is a modern, safe, and humane way to keep track of your pet’s whereabouts. At Foxgrove Veterinary Centre, in Beckenham, Kent, we tell you about the microchipping cost and procedure.

Microchips That Keep Your Pet Safe

A legal requirement since April 2016, microchipping pets enables you to keep track of your pet’s location. When your pet is microchipped, you don’t have to worry if it wanders astray. You will be able to track its exact location. Microchipping means the following:

  • Increased Chance of Safe Return if They Roam
  • Helps Your Vet Keep Track of Medical History
  • Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, and Even Horses Can be Microchipped

More Effective Than Collars and Tags

When our veterinarians microchip your pet, they will upload your contact details to our database. The chances of getting your lost pet back will be much higher with a microchip than with a collar or tag. Microchipping offers the following features:

  • Safe, Clean, and Humane 
  • Easy Tracking and Pet Retrieval
  • Full Medical History for New Vets
  • More Effective Than Removable Tags

Trusted Microchipping Specialists

As recognised microchipping specialists, we are happy to see clients from other practices. Many other pet centres refer patients to us outside of their typical opening hours. This is due to our dependable 24-hour pet care service.

Contact us, in Beckenham, Kent, to receive expert advice about the reasonable cost of microchipping pets.