Take Your Pet on Holiday with a Passport and Vaccine from Vets in Beckenham, Kent

Begin your holiday with peace of mind. At Foxgrove Veterinary Centre, in Beckenham, Kent, we provide specialist services that let you take your pet with you. By getting a pet passport and rabies vaccine, your adored dog will enjoy your trip too.

Pet Passports and Rabies Vaccines

The issuing of pet passports depends on two factors: a) specific identification, and the definite protection against rabies. The first is achieved by microchipping your pet, which involves inserting a unique identification unit beneath the skin. This will be read remotely to identify your pet’s location.

The second is by rabies vaccination. For this, our veterinarians give two doses, approximately two weeks apart. While this does not make a difference to the 21-day wait (from the first dose given) for the valid passport, it does ensure definite protection. There has been a 5% failure, as verified by government standards, for pets only given one dose.

Pet passports may only be issued by a registered LVI (Local Veterinary Inspector) or OV (Official Veterinarian)

Issuing a Pet Passport

A valid pet passport means that your pet may enter into EU (European Union) countries without additional requirements. However, you must comply with the rabies booster date to maintain validity of the passport Additionally, re-entry into the UK requires further certification. This is concerning the treatment of tapeworms between one and five days prior to crossing the border.

While the pet passport is a recognised form of identification in non-EU countries, it is not valid without extra tests and compliances. You must arrange these prior to travelling.

Secure, Protected Pets

As caring veterinarians, we make sure your pet is protected on your travels. That’s why we assure pet owners take the necessary measures for prevention. We provide medicine that stops any ailments from occurring.

As well as preventative medicine, we provide routine checks and vaccinations. At the same time as this we discuss your pet’s general health, and make sure we pick up any problems before they develop.

Supporting Charitable Organisations

Passionate about pet care, we work alongside charitable organisations to provide veterinary support. We also treat patients from other local practices outside of their typical working hours.

Contact us, in Beckenham, Kent, to prepare for your holiday by getting a pet passport and rabies vaccine for your pet.